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CSS - Commercial Spooling System

CSS is a feature rich print spooler for Unix™ and Linux system. It is designed to cover the needs of commercial applications.

CSS is used by more than 30'000 users worldwide!

Visit the CSS Product Page for more information.

UCM - Unitec Communication Manager

UCM is a programmers package for Client/Server development in heterogeneous networks. It contains libraries for server and client communication and an Active-X control for easy integration into any client OLE/COM container.

Many thousand users are working with software developed using UCM.

Visit the UCM Product Page for more information.

JAC - Java Applet Collection

JAC is a collection of Java™ Applets for easy Web design with nice visual effects. We are still working on JAC to make it a typical Unitec product with superior quality.

Please stay tuned...


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Commercial Spooling System CSS Commercial Spooling System

Unitec Communication Manager UCM Unitec Communication Manager

Java Applet Collection JAC Java Applet Collection (available soon)

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